Bloed is Dikker as al die Water in die Oseane – November 2015




Between late August and early September, I traveled to India where I spent 3 glorious weeks with my mother. It was wonderful to take a small break after 3 very intense months of non-stop action!

I must confess that a part of me wondered if she was just doing the ‘mum’ thing and putting on a strong face through the difficulty. So, it was good for my heart to see my mother joyful and in good spirit despite the chemo. God has blessed our family with an army of diligent prayer warriors and a handful of people who go above and beyond to encourage us and assure us of their support!

God has also given us the gift of time. Time to separate for my mother; to spend with her. Time to tell each how we love and value one another. The geographical distance that separates my family this year seems exceptionally wide, but it drives me to thanksgiving! A few years ago, I don’t know how my family would have handled this kind of ‘crisis’; but I know one thing for sure that the grace of God has been doing something wonderful in our family through this season of my mother’s healing. Her treatment will continue until the end of this year, and into the next.

Bloed is Dikker as al die Water in die Oseane (Afrikaans) – Blood is Thicker than all the Water in the Ocean

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