Die Geur van Hoop – November 2015

It is hard to write. Hard to communicate while being limited by the shallowness of words. Some experiences are so deep and so wide, that words simply aren’t enough; some moments so layered with significance and meaning that pages of writing could not do them justice.

Every day I am challenged, and every day I am moved; recognising how incomplete my understanding is. In these last months, God has defied my human expectations, asking me to trust Him above my own wisdom. I suppose this is the foolishness of the Gospel – no matter how extensive our education and understanding, it is still nothing compared to the rock on which we ought to be founded.

Part of my struggle is that I cannot measure the results of my ministry in numbers. Not the hours each day that I spend in prison, in preparation, in availing my time to build up the community. Not in the number of people that I minister to every week, or even the souls I see being saved. How do you measure the reconciliation of a family? How do you measure the impact of an encouraging word offered to a starving heart? How do you measure the tears of a man finally free from the shackles of shame?

The results of my journey cannot be measured in a number. They are measured in each growing detail of God’s face. Like a camera coming into focus. Each story brings with it higher definition. The curve of a loving smile, the twinkling of attentive eyes, the sparkle of tears flowing with healing.
Die Geur van Hoop (Afrikaans) – The Fragrance of Hope

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