Geseënde – August 2015

There is little apart from the grace of God that can prepare you for a journey into the unknown. And His grace comes in all different shapes and wrappings. This season of my life has been flooded by grace.

Within the first few weeks of moving to Wellington, I found a church in which I can root myself and grow while I am far away from the NEC-ELC. I had been praying since before leaving home that I would find a congregation that fits me well, and  I can see how God has provided. Even from the very first time I walked into the church, I was received with much warmth and love.

The team I am working with are an exceptional group of people, from a range of cultural backgrounds. I’m so grateful that I have a team that I can laugh with, and even cry with; especially in this ministry where we are exposed to so much of the pain and brokenness that exists in the world.

Every day, there are new and exciting stories that unfold. I have posted about some of the highlights of the last 2 months, so please check them out! Keep in mind that it is only a shadow of the reality before me.

Geseënde (Afrikaans) – Blessed

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