Vertrou – August 2015

Being away from those we love, is the bitter sweetness of being called to adventure with God. There are things that I am unashamed to admit I have deeply feared – often even to the point of negotiating with God. In a small dark office in my heart, I would say to God “Lord, I don’t mind being on the field, and I can deal with the loneliness of being far from home; as long as you make sure my parents are healthy”. Early in June, my mother was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer.

I went back to that room, expecting to find anger, dread and helplessness. But I found instead only a small lantern on the floor, and in the soft light there was hope, trust and thanks. I know the God I serve has no blind spots. I am thankful that my family and I can securely put our trust in Him, and rise up in faith. I am so grateful that He has placed me among families and communities that pray with and encourage me.

My mother is now undergoing treatment in India, and by God’s grace and provision, I will be visiting her there from August 24th to September 12th.

Vertrou (Afrikaans) – Trust

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