Magtige Heerlike Geraas


Thursday, 2nd February, 2017

The cries of 3,500 men could be heard on Thursday night, rising up from the confines of Pollsmoor Remand Detainee Centre. As we turned each corner, the hum of voices turned into a deafening plea; and in the wordless noise, you could hear the heavy desperation.

Thousands of faces peered out at us, but few could be seen, as the men clambered in the crowded cells of Pollsmoor prison. They pushed and squeezed and climbed over one another. Hungry hands reaching through the damaged grills of their narrow cell windows. Where the heavy metal screens were intact; a single finger would be seen pushing through, begging for human connection. Almost as if saying “Here I am. Am I still a person?”

How could we answer the longing in their eyes, and the pain in their souls? How could we mend their broken hearts and the trail of shattered lives that they have left in their wake? Though scores of us filled the halls that night, we cannot collectively remember each face. But there is one who can. He has numbered each hair on each head, and has memorized the lines on each face and the story behind each scar.

Coming up against the ramparts of spiritual depravity, our answer is this; A MIGHTY GLORIOUS NOISE.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see, and in the face of overwhelming despair our hope is found in Christ alone. It may not make sense to the world, but the prayers of the righteous are powerful weapon. So we march, shouting victory and singing of triumph over darkness; accompanied by the heavenly hosts. Pleading on the behalf of those who are perishing because Our God is Mighty to Save.

Don’t stop, and don’t stand back – pray with us! Drop me a comment or message and join our monthly prayer walks.

Magtige Heerlike Geraas (Afrikaans) – Mighty Glorious Noise

2 thoughts on “Magtige Heerlike Geraas

  1. We serve a Mighty God and He came also to set the captives free. I pray Dee that the prayers of your team are lifted up to the throne of our Lord. Even though the prisoners are physically in cells may their spirits find forgiveness and peace. We join you in your intercessory prayer.

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  2. Our God sees every tear that falls and hears the cries of every heart. Our prayers are with you as your team ministers to the lost, the lonely, and those who do not yet know the hope that Christ will give them in their surrender to Him. His work will be completed.

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