Skoonheid in plaas van As

[A letter from the Female Restorative Justice team about the session on Tuesday March 28th, 2017]


As we once again headed up the N1 to continue our journey with God at Worcester Female Centre, we couldn’t have been able to plan what was to unfold during the day.

We are always amazed at the way God moves. The psalmist wrote “God inhabits the praises of His people” and truly we could sense this as ladies shared testimonies of thankfulness to God. They were wide ranging; from committing their life to the Lord, or seeing their kids for the first time in 19 months, or even having dreams of having kids and seeing the need for a relationship that is pleasing to God. We stood in awe as ladies who once had no hope at all were now encouraging one another and restoring hope – Praise God!

Unfortunately as the pendulum on a clock swings from one side to the other, so do the emotions and realities of these ladies’ lives.  As they began to think about the pain that was caused in their lives due to abuse and what this abuse made them do, they began to see how it had warped their minds and led them to do things that they didn’t want to do.  Yet like a runaway truck with no brakes they couldn’t stop.  Trying to put the brakes on their lives like a desperate truck driver down a mountain they just couldn’t stop and, like the petrified truck driver, they couldn’t understand how their manufacturer/maker could not have seen this fault and fixed it before it happened. And so, as they cried in those moments of terror seeing no way out, many of them just decided “I am already spiralling and out of control, so why not just go with it”.

As the truck that falls down the mountain leaves a trail of destruction behind it, so these ladies looked back on their lives and saw how the sexual abuse had left a path of destruction in their own lives.  Where they should’ve turned left they turned right, where they should’ve looked up, they looked down; not knowing what to do, desperate cries that no one heard echoed into the caverns of their souls and continued to eat away at them, suffocating them, like a constrictor slowly kills its prey…

But GOD!!!

This is what these precious ladies are realising – that there is ONE who comes in and takes away the pain. Though they may never forget, they began to speak of the peace and freedom that they are now feeling and experiencing. Guilt is being crushed in the same way that a stone is crushed by an anvil and forgiveness is now flowing like a waterfall through their souls. The only thing they can now do is Praise God and thank Him for the healing that is taking place…

It was a painful day for many, but a day many of them will remember and say “thank you GOD”…

And like they say “thank you God”, we thank God for each one of you and trust that you will continue to journey in prayer with us.

God bless,

skoonheid in plaas van as (Afrikaans) – Beauty for Ashes


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