Herstellende Geregtigheid

[A word from one of Hope Prison Ministry's Key Restorative Justice leaders:] For those of you that are not in Cape Town, things are generally going well, other than the fact that we hardly have any water left, but between us being wise and God being merciful I am sure we will survive. I don’t … Continue reading Herstellende Geregtigheid


Verlore Kinders

A few weeks ago as I sat during a session at one of the female correctional centres, I looked around and considered all the pain that echoes through the stories of these lives. We were talking about parenting - about mothering, and I thought of all the lost children. I thought of all those babies that … Continue reading Verlore Kinders

Operation Vala – November 2015

Operation Vala’, is a security initiative taken by the Department of Correctional Services here in South Africa. In order to reduce prison breaks and other security breaches, security measures are tightened for a 50 day period over the festive season. As this prevents us from accessing the inmates, we are granted a ministry wide break … Continue reading Operation Vala – November 2015

Bloed is Dikker as al die Water in die Oseane – November 2015

  Between late August and early September, I traveled to India where I spent 3 glorious weeks with my mother. It was wonderful to take a small break after 3 very intense months of non-stop action! I must confess that a part of me wondered if she was just doing the ‘mum’ thing and putting … Continue reading Bloed is Dikker as al die Water in die Oseane – November 2015