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Its that time again where I need to reapply for a visa, and I'm hoping to be granted at least another couple of years. The forms are filled, documents are attached, and they are all on their way to the embassy. There is a very tight measure of time in which the visa needs to … Continue reading Continue to pray with me for:


Skoonheid in plaas van As

[A letter from the Female Restorative Justice team about the session on Tuesday March 28th, 2017]   As we once again headed up the N1 to continue our journey with God at Worcester Female Centre, we couldn't have been able┬áto plan what was to unfold during the day. We are always amazed at the way … Continue reading Skoonheid in plaas van As


I'm very thankful for good doctors and medical research. I underwent a surgery in November, and I am thankful that can stand, walk - even dance again, free of pain. Thankful for God's oversight, guidance and healing in my parents lives Financial provision Supportive churches in Bahrain and South Africa The blessing of family. Always … Continue reading Thanksgiving